A message about our 2020 season

Dear Friends,

For 62 years, Maine State Music Theatre has been an integral part of summer in Midcoast Maine. We have provided the public with Broadway-caliber performances that celebrate the magic of musical theatre and lift the collective spirit of the region, sparking joy among our more than 65,000 patrons each and every year.

Maine State Music Theatre has molded itself into one of the preeminent training grounds for young theatrical professionals. At the same time we are a welcome haven that rejuvenates the deep love of theatre needed for success at the professional level for all of our seasoned union employees and our visiting artistic staff, directors, choreographers, musical directors, and all of our fantastic designers. Each year, over 240 employees from all over the United States and abroad join us in Brunswick to fall in love with all things Maine and MSMT. 

The excellence of those 62 years and all of the people who have come before us to create this special place weighs heavily on us at this time. We are the current stewards of Maine State Music Theatre and are responsible for protecting all that has transpired in the past. But we must also protect the present and the future of Maine State Music Theatre.

After absorbing all we have heard from Bowdoin College, the Town of Brunswick, the State of Maine and the Federal government, the MSMT Board of Trustees, my partner Stephanie Dupal, our fantastic annual staff and I are saddened to share the following, difficult news. (Though I am sure it will not come as a surprise.)

It is with a very heavy heart that we must cancel the 2020 Maine State Music Theatre
Season. There is simply no path to safely execute all that needs to transpire while
protecting our patrons, employees, and the community. This cancellation applies to our main stage series, our concert series and our Theatre for Young Audiences series as well as our previously cancelled co-production with our friends at the Public Theatre.

Please know that this decision has not been easy. We have heard from many about the ramifications of cancelling our season and the impact it will have on the Town of
Brunswick, Midcoast Maine, and the State of Maine as a whole, and yet we feel that given the unknown and potentially disastrous possibilities in front of us we have an ethical obligation to protect the community. The Center for Disease Control has clearly stated that large public gatherings will be the very last things allowed to come back. This community – Brunswick, Topsham, Bath, Harpswell, Freeport, Portland and all points Maine – as well as the many tourists who join us each summer have given us so much. It is our responsibility now to look out for them.

Our reputation – our very existence – is due to the fierce loyalty of our amazing Angel
volunteers, subscribers, sponsors, advertisers, donors and patrons. 

On a positive note, we will now turn our energy toward the 2021 Season with planning already underway. We will share that news with you as soon as we can but sadly, not under the bright lights of the Pickard Theater on the beautiful campus of Bowdoin College as usual. Rather, you will find out via email and on our website, hopefully in late June. 

The MSMT summer season accounts for almost 80% of our yearly income. Season ticket sales support the necessary operations of the theatre for the nine months of planning and preparation that it takes to put on our enormous summer shows. This means that a large amount of our yearly budget has already been spent with no means of earning the income we rely upon to cover it. That is true not only for this year, but for the upcoming months preparing for 2021. Unlike other theatres, MSMT cannot easily reschedule shows for a future date as we only have access to the
Pickard Theater from June through August. In addition, since theatres across the country are cancelling upcoming performances for the same reasons we are, the financial support we usually receive from our costume rentals division throughout the off-season will not exist.

As a result of the lost revenues these cancellations bring, the only way we can produce our 2021 season and sustain MSMT for future generations is if we retain much of our current season ticket sales revenue in addition to securing additional funds.

We will need your help now more than ever.

We hope you will consider making a tax-deductible donation of your 2020 tickets or an additional charitable gift to support our new Lifeline Fund – set up specifically to support us during this challenging time. We know that right now everyone is in need and we appreciate any support you are able to give. CLICK HERE for more information.

I pray that this decision keeps our patrons and employees safe so that next summer we can re-emerge and once again brighten the mood of the Midcoast. MSMT creates art… but we create that art in partnership with our audience. This summer – for the first time in our long history – the world will not allow our collective artistic endeavor but we will come back and MSMT will reward your continued loyalty next season in the biggest and best possible fashion.

In the meantime, say a masked hello to your neighbor or a stranger, seek ways to help others, stay safe and smile because together with your help we will sing, dance, and fill the Pickard Theater with laughter once again.

God Bless,

Curt Dale Clark, Artistic Director


Options for your 2020 Tickets:

MSMT has set up the Lifeline Fund to help sustain the theatre for 2020 and 2021. Please consider donating the value of your 2020 tickets and/or giving a charitable gift to ensure the future of the theatre for generations to come. 

Please note: the Box Office must manually process each request, whether it it is a donation, gift card, or refund. Once you submit your form this request goes to the Box Office and is put into a queue for processing. You will not get an immediate call back or email response. Please be patient as our Box Office is a staff of one at this time of year and is working remotely. 

  • Convert your tickets into a tax-deductible donation. If you feel that you are able to support the continued viability of the theatre by donating the entire amount of your tickets, your tax-deductible gift will be recognized as part of the MSMT Lifeline Fund for 2020-2021.
  • Request a partial refund of your ticket amount; the remainder of which is donated to MSMT. Donating a portion of your tickets back to MSMT will help us plan for the future during this financially insecure time. Your tax-deductible gift will be recognized as part of the MSMT Lifeline Fund for 2020-2021.
  • Convert your tickets, or a portion of your tickets, to a MSMT gift card that can be used for any future performance and will never expire.
  • Request a full refund of your ticket amount. The refund will be applied to the credit card on which you paid, if that was your initial payment method. Cash and check transactions will be refunded by check through the mail.