Beauty and the Beast

AUGUST 12, 2021

In this Robin and Clark version of Beauty and the Beast, an acting troupe is putting on a Disney-esque production, but things are not going well. It’s up to the members of the audience to save the day. It tells the adventures of Rose, the Beauty, and Chadwick, the Beast who once was a Prince, as well as Beauty’s papa, her silly sisters, and all the other characters in an ageless story about love and beauty that comes from the heart.

Book, Music, & Lyrics by MARC ROBIN & CURT DALE CLARK


Director Taylor Greatbatch
Choreographer Mikayla Jane Clifford
Music Director Ruchir Khazanchi
Lighting Design  Greg Carville
Sound Design Nate Dickson
Costume Design Travis M. Grant
Scenic Design Betsy Puelle
Props Design Meg Valentine
Stage Manager Kat Brown
Assistant Stage Manager Katy Sullivan


Natalie Bellamy, Maggie Mccown Terry/Rose
Rebecca Carroll Nikki
Mikayla Jane Clifford Announcer/Angel
Matthew Hakel Papa
Lizzie Hall, Sophia Scott Cindy
Kevin Lacey Prince
John Pletka Studley
Caroline Quinn Paris
John Rouleau Maxwell

A Tale as Old as Time Framed in a New RetellingBroadway World