Cinderella TYA

June 13 & 16, 2018

A new spin on the tale of orphaned and lonely Cinderella, who spends her lonely days as a housemaid for her wicked stepmother and lazy stepsisters. When the handsome Prince invites every lady in the land to a grand ball at his palace, Cinderella learns that beauty comes from the inside and dreams really do come true.

Book, Music & Lyrics by MARC ROBIN & CURT DALE CLARK


Curt Dale Clark Director/Choreographer
Raymond Marc Dumont Asst. Director/Choreographer
Ben McNaboe Music Director
Travis M. Grant Costume Designer
Forest Horsley Set Designer
Nathan Dickson Sound Designer
Laura Scott Stage Manager


Cinderella Madelyn Rancourt
Blanch Ben Walker-Dubay
Soberella Miles Obrey
Giggeletta Andrew Carney
Fairy Godmother Nakesha “Kay” Warren
Prince Elliott Nagler
Sir Reginald Brian Pelletier