Cancellation FAQ


Q: What will happen to my 2020 tickets?
A: We hope you will consider donating the value of your ticket purchase, or a portion of your ticket purchase, as a tax-deductible contribution if you are able. Part of the CARES ACT allows individuals that take the standard deduction an additional $300 charitable deduction or $600 for married filing joint filers. You do not need to itemize dedications to be eligible to add this deduction to your taxes. You may also choose to convert your 2020 Season purchase into a gift card – the value of which will never expire. You may also request a refund. Gift card or refund requests must be made by July 17; any 2020 season tickets that are undesignated after July 17 will be automatically converted into a tax-deductible donation.

Q: How do I let the Box Office know what I want done with my tickets?
Please fill out the TICKET RETURN FORM on the website or attached to the cancellation email we sent. Please be patient with the Box Office as they are short-staffed and working remotely. Wait times will be unusually long and the fastest way to get your requests processed is to fill out the Ticket Return Form.

Q: Will my ticket donation qualify for donor benefits? 
A: Yes! The value of your ticket donation from the 2020 Season will qualify you for donor member benefits through the season of 2021. The value will also be aggregated with prior donations made this season, and any additional donations you make during the 2020-21 season. The combined amount of your donations (including your ticket donation) will determine the level of your benefits through the summer of 2021. You will also be part of the MSMT Lifeline Donors – a fund specifically designed to help us through the Covid-19 crisis. You will receive an acknowledgement letter from the Development Office for tax purposes.

Q: If I get a refund, donate my tickets, or convert them to a gift card, do I lose my same seats as a subscriber?
No! If you are a subscriber, regardless of what option you choose for your 2020 tickets you will keep your same seats in 2021 through the Same Seat Renewal deadline of January 31, 2021.

Q: Why is it taking so long for the Box Office to get back to me?
The Box Office currently has more than 2,000 unfilled requests. Each request must be manually completed and our Box Office (of one) is working diligently to get these done. However, it is a slow process. If you have called or submitted your TICKET RETURN FORM to let us know what option you would prefer, please know that your request in is in the queue and will be filled in the coming weeks.

Q: If I don’t see my refund in my credit card account immediately after submitting my request, should I send another Ticket Return Form?
A: No. Once you’ve filled out the form your request goes into a queue and is answered as soon as possible.

Q: Why hasn’t my refund shown up on my credit card statement or account yet?
A: It’s possible your request has not yet been processed by the Box Office. However, even if it has, credit card companies are reporting delays in processing up to two weeks. This means that while we may have put through your request, it may not show up on your statement or account for up to two weeks.

Q. How will I get a refund if I paid with a credit card that is no longer active?
A: MSMT’s ticketing system will not allow us to issue a refund to a different credit card than the one that was used for the original charge. If your card was canceled but your account was not closed — perhaps because you lost the physical card or had fraudulent transactions that caused the issuer to send you a new card — then wet can issue a refund to your canceled card and the refund will appear on the account associated with your new card.

If your credit card has been canceled and you no longer have an account with that company, you will need to contact the credit card company and they will tell you how you can get your funds.

Q. Is MSMT moving from the Pickard Theatre.
A: No. Misinformation has been circulating but we assure you that we will be back at the Pickard Theater on the Bowdoin College campus in 2021.

Q: Why can’t the 2020 Season be postponed to a later date?
A: Unfortunately, this is not an option for MSMT as we do not own the Pickard Theater – where we perform – and have access to it only from June – August. It also would be difficult or impossible for many of our artists, whose schedules and itineraries book many months in advance. Due to the size of seasonal staff required to produce each season, it is impossible for us to assemble the same casts, creative teams, and technical staff necessary to bring the season shows to life at any other point in the immediate future.

Q: Why can’t the shows be recorded and shown online?
A: We assemble more than 250 people each summer to produce our shows. In order to produce the show – even simply to be recorded and shown online – we would need many individuals, from lighting technicians and costumers to sound designers and actors, and more, to be on site in the Pickard Theater as a group. Due to the ongoing restrictions on group gatherings, this would be impossible. In addition, our licensing contracts do not allow us to record performances in full.

Q: Why can’t MSMT let patrons watch performances from other seasons during the 2020 summer?
A: Due to licensing contracts forbidding the recording of full shows, and many restrictions around use of any recorded part of the show, we do not have recorded copies of full performances and could not share them even if we did.

QWhy can’t MSMT offer virtual concert or cabaret performances like I’m seeing elsewhere online?
A: MSMT employs Equity Union actors and there are many rules about how they can work for us. While we would love to offer these performances – and this may change in the future –, during this financially unstable time MSMT does not have the funding needed to pay the high costs of producing a virtual cabaret concert or show.

Q: Will the 2020 productions be presented in the future?
A: While we are hopeful that all of the productions originally scheduled will be seen during a future season, due to licensing we cannot determine an exact date for those productions at this time.

Q: When will the 2021 Season be announced?
A: We plan on announcing the 2021 Season earlier than usual this year. We hope to announce the full line-up in late June. Subscriptions for 2021 will go on sale in early August.

Q: What can I do to help MSMT and the arts in Maine?
A: First and foremost, please follow government guidance about your health and safety. Our staff is working from remotely foreseeable future, so please be patient as our response times may be a little slower than usual. Every person who donates the value of their tickets provides invaluable, critical support to the theatre. By choosing to convert your 2020 ticket purchase into a tax-deductible donation, you are playing a hands-on role in supporting the people who bring you joy every season on stage, while also helping us plan for the future with confidence.

Q: Will there be any MSMT performances before next summer?
A: It is too soon to know if we will be able to do any programming outside of our normal season timeframe. We promise to keep you posted, and look forward to welcoming you back as soon as we can!

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