Hearing Loop

Maine State Music Theatre has a cutting edge system that works with T-Coil hearing aids so that actor’s voices and sound cues are tracked directly through patron’s hearing aid, ear buds, or borrowed headset.


If you use a hearing aid:

The first step is to have a conversation with your audiologist and let them know that you will be attending a performance at a space that uses a hearing loop.  This system is specifically designed to work with Telecoil (or T-coil) hearing aids. T-coils allow different sound sources to be directly connected to a hearing aid, improving sound quality and allowing the hearing aid wearer to easily perceive the signal of interest in almost any environment, and regardless of background noise.

Each hearing aid is different so only your audiologist can discuss your specific hearing aid capabilities. If you have a hearing aid with a t-coil, have your audiologist check to make sure the t-coil has been programmed. Once programmed you just need to activate it before the show!

If you have a hearing aid and it does not have a t-coil, you can get a “remote” from your audiologist that can be programmed to work with your existing hearing aid. This is similar to the receivers that we have for other patrons, but without the need for headphones. Or, you can just use one of our receivers and a headset.

If you don’t use a t-coil hearing aid or have a remote, but would still like an assisted listening device:

You can get a receiver from the usher at Will Call. Although we have headphones available to use with the receiver, we recommend you bring your own headphones as it may improve sound quality. When using the receiver, we recommend leaving the volume control at the lowest possible level and adjusting once the show has started. We have found that a low volume creates a good sound level; the higher the volume, the more likely a hum will appear.

For questions, please call our Box Office at 207-725-8769 or see the House Manager when you arrive to see the show.