Silent Auction

Homemade Pea Pod and Strip Canoe

Welcome to our Silent Auction!

These two boats were handcrafted by Chuck Rooney and donated by long-time supporters Sandy Morrell Rooney and Chuck Rooney to benefit Maine State Music Theatre’s Revival Fund. Both boats are on view in the lower lobby at the Pickard Theater. Bidding ends August 27, 2022 at 7:30 PM. Winning bids will be contacted by phone on August 28.

Pea Pod – Handcrafted by Chuck Rooney

With gorgeous teak edging and a custom-made cover with three snap fastenings on each side, this 13-foot Pea Pod is the perfect addition to your summer in Maine.

It’s seen less than two hours of use and is practically new! The bronze oarlock horns are removable with leather holdings to easily store them while the cover is on. This Pea Pod also comes with bronze standing oarlock horns which allow you to row while standing upright and facing forward the way lobstermen worked when they fished for shedders working close along shore.


  • Custom Cover and Accessories
  • Two Paddles
  • Machine-Cast Removable Bronze Standing Oarlock Horns
  • Original Hand-Drawn Plans

Strip Canoe – Handcrafted by Chuck Rooney

This stunning strip canoe will be the talk of all your neighbors from the moment you bring it home. With less than two hours on the water it is practically brand new! Entirely crafted from materials sourced right here in Maine, this piece is sure to be one you pass down for generations to come!


  • Paddle

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Minimum bid increment is $200.

All proceeds benefit Maine State Music Theatre’s Revival Campaign.

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