Snow White

June 12 & 15, 2019

A modern retelling of the legend originally published by the Brothers Grimm, this musical version focuses on Snow White’s quest to become a strong, self-determined woman, who doesn’t do housework for the dwarfs – who are ironically quite tall! With names like Enrico Caruso, Christopher Columbus, Confucius, Sigmund Freud, Martin Luther King Jr., Merlin the Magician, and Scrooge, the dwarves help Snow White learn a myriad of life lessons while she navigates around a vain Prince and the self-absorbed Queen Narcissus.

Book, Lyrics, and Music by MARC ROBIN & CURT DALE CLARK


Curt Dale Clark Director and Choreographer
Raymond Marc Dumont
Co-Director and Choreographer
Ben McNaboe Music Director
Evan Cuddy Assistant Music Director
Annalise V. Caudle Lighting Designer
Kathleen Payton Brown Costume and Wig Designer
Nicolas Kunkel Sound Designer
Mickey Acton Stage Manager
Kyle Coyer Scenic Designer


Queen Narcissus Jane Abernethy
Prince Charming/Merlin The Magician Sam Allen
Manfred/Sigmund Freud Mel Bills
Confucius Tanner Callicutt
Magic Mirror Andrew Carney
Martin Luther King, Jr. Megan Guynes
Charming Nicholas Hall
Christopher Columbus Elliott Nagler
Snow White Ayanna Stover
Enrico Caruso Ben Walker-Dubay
Scrooge Cameron Wright