Sustainers Club

Small monthly contributions add up!

By joining our Sustainers Club, you can provide our team with reliable resources and help us plan for upcoming seasons.  Sustainers – who give more than $15 monthly – are some of our most committed supporters, providing MSMT with ongoing, reliable resources that allow our team to plan ahead.

Why making a monthly gift is a great choice.

Most effective way to make a difference.

Sustainers help to ensure that MSMT has reliable resources to continue to create live theatre for years to come.


Easiest and most convenient way to give.

Make one monthly gift today, and know your support for MSMT is in place for the entire year to come – no further action is required!

Less stress in December

By setting up your monthly gift today, you can relax in December, knowing your tax-deductible giving plan is already in place for the end of the year.


You can cancel at any time.

If your situation changes for any reason, you can always change or cancel your gift with a simple phone call.

Make a difference every day with a monthly gift.

Your monthly gift will be immediately put to work, creating the four incredible musicals we will present this summer. We are so happy to be back in Brunswick for an entire season, and we are already thinking about ways to grow and enrich the Midcoast arts scene in seasons to come. If you can, please consider joining the MSMT Sustainers Club by signing up to give $15 or more monthly.

Special Perks

As a member of the Sustainers Club, you’ll be among the first to know next season’s line-up of shows! You’ll also get exclusive invitations to Sustainers Socials throughout the season!

To learn more about MSMT’s Sustainers Club, contact Morgan Rodgers, Director of Development, 207-725-0150,