Video Auditions

AEA, Performance Interns and Local Maine Performers.

If you Can NOT attend any auditions, we must see you via Video.  Please note – Male Performers Must be superior Tap Dancers for this season.

Please send us the following for video submissions in 1 email:

  • Headshot
  • Resume
  • Sing: sing 2 songs, 1 up-tempo and 1 ballad. 16 bars each. Show your range!
  • Dance: 3 Dance combo’s, Tap (males only), Ballet and Jazz 16 counts of 8 for each combo.

Important reminders:  

  1. You MUST send dance video.  Unfortunately, we cannot consider you unless we see you dance.
  2. Please don’t submit any clips of shows you are/have been in.  They are too hard to follow and we can’t get a good “read” on you.

Please send your materials to:  Kathi Kacinski, Company Manager,

Thanks and good luck!