What to Expect – local actors

Working at Maine State Music Theatre is a fun and rewarding experience.  However, it is a lot of hard work filled with responsabilities.  To follow are a few things everyone should know about auditioning/working at MSMT:

  • CASTING: MSMT does not cast right away. We may not make a decision until the end of April.  Please know if you are not cast, unfortunately we do not have the ability to contact everyone personally.
  • ATTENDANCE: If you are cast in one of our productions, we expect everyone to attend all scheduled rehearsals and performances.
  • CONFLICTS: If you have conflict dates during reheasals or performances, unfortunatley we cannot cast you.
  • HOUSING: We cannot provide local housing for Maine Actors or juvenile actors. 
  • OPENING WEEK: is very hectic with long days and late nights. There is a tech, dress tech, previews, brush up rehearsals, Opening Night etc.  It’s a crazy week that leads to magic!
  • PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE: Shows run Tuesday through Sunday with 7:30 PM shows and 3 matinees a week at 2:00 PM. There is always the possibility of adding performances to any week.
  • REHEARSALS:. Rehearsals are Tues – Sun 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM for Main Stage Shows. MSMT rehearses 6 days a week. We do not know the next days rehearsal schedule until the night before. Concerts and Theatre for Young Audience productions rehearsal days vary. After the official opening night there will be no more rehearsals unless an emergency should arise.
  • FROZEN REHEARSALS ONLY: This show will have a cast of all children. Rehearsals start in April. They will be split up between the MSMT rehearsal building and then move to Yarmouth High School to finish rehearsals starting in May. Rehearsals will be 3 days a week if not more and times will be scheduled around all school schedules as best as possible. A more concrete shedule should be in place by April.
  • SHOW CALL TIME: You must be at the theater 1 hour before showtime or at the time set by your Stage Manager.
  • And last but not least….HAVE FUN!!!

Thank you for taking the time to audition for us and BREAK a LEG!