Based on a story by Charles Perrault, the musical version tells the tale of orphaned and lonely Cinderella, who spends her days as a housemaid for her wicked step-mother, Blanche, and lazy step-sisters, Giggletta and Soberella. When the Prince invites every lady in the land to a grand ball at his palace, Blanche decides Cinderella cannot go unless she finishes an impossibly long list of chores. Left behind, a heartbroken Cinderella is visited by an enchanted Fairy Godmother. With the help of her Fairy Godmother and some audience magic, Cinderella’s rags are transformed into an elegant gown and she is transported to the palace in a magical coach. At the ball, the handsome Prince is captivated by Cinderella’s beauty and kindness. Knowing that the spell will end at the stroke of midnight, Cinderella races home before the Prince can learn her name. With only Cinderella’s lost glass slipper to guide him, the Prince sets out to find his true love. Through whimsical music and audience participation, children of all ages are invited to join in the fun as Cinderella learns that beauty is an inner quality and dreams really do come true.

 Suitable for all ages                      Running Time: 55 minutes

Book, Music & Lyrics by MARC ROBIN & CURT DALE CLARK

Ticket pricing:
$15 center and side orchestra; $10 balcony.

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